Adult Bible Classes

The Sunday School Ministry of Crossroads Baptist Church is designed to connect you with a class that is relevant to your current stage of life.  The Adult Bible Classes are a great way to build strong relationships and receive practical Bible teaching that will help you in your walk with the Lord.

All of our adult Bible classes begin promptly at 10:00 a.m.

New Heights

Adults of All Ages
Teacher: Pastor Taylor
Location: Classroom Left of Church Foyer

Class Description:
• Practical Lessons for Spiritual Growth
• Strengthening Marriage Relationships
• Building Friendships and Training for Church Ministry

• Principles for Parenting
• Stewardship and Purposeful Living 

Texas D.I.V.A.S.
“Divinely Inspired, Victorious and Serving”

Adult Ladies of All Ages
Teacher: Mrs. Sherry Sicking

Location: Room 20

Class Description:
• Guidance for Single Ladies
• Love and Support for Widows
• Spiritual Growth through Practical Bible Lessons 

Precepts for Life


Adults of All Ages

Teacher: Bro. James Baldwin

Location: Church Auditorium

Class Description:
• In-Depth Bible Study
• Principles for Victorious Christian Living

• Discipleship for New Christians